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Basket Pallet
Basket Pallet
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Specification of Basket Pallet

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!! Detail basketball pallet,
Along with the rapid development of manufacturing industry, we PT. Denko Wahana Sakti participated in developing and of course become more innovative by developing quality products, one of them is selling pallet basket,

*** Usefulness of Basketball pallet, this is certainly very easy for companies to delivery their goods to be neatly arranged and can also be used as a storage medium of goods.

Besides Basketball pallet, this is very practical because if not being used can be folded with a height of only 15 cm, so as to save space to be used for other purposes.

Basketball pallet, which we sell has many sizes that you can adjust to the capacity you need. Kualiatas Basketball pallet, which we sell is also the best quality with reasonable price. We also provide warranty for every purchase of any item we sell.

*** Therefore please contact (jito sales pt denko wahana sakti hp / wa: 085228302798) for ordering pallet basket, or other material handling product.

Here is the size of Basketball palloet, which we provide:

Basketball pallet,

1. Stocky 2 = 500 mm (L) X 800 mm (P) X 540 mm (T)

Basketball pallet,
2. Stocky 3 = 600 mm (L) X 800 mm (L) X 640 mm (T)

Basketball pallet,
3. Stocky 5 = 800 mm (L) X 1000 mm (P) X 840 mm (T)

Basketball pallet,
4. Stocky 7 = 1000 mm (L) X 1200 mm (P) X 890 mm (T)

** Basketball pallet, Very Strong and high quality Reasonable price !!

Contact jito PT Denko Wahana Sakti


Pallet Basketball Center, Material Handling !!!

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